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Are you looking for powerful tools to optimise your payment page? With  Worldline  you can reduce online shopping cart abandonment, increase checkout conversion, and offer customers a secure, seamless payment experience.



Boost payment performance to increase your revenues

Payment pages designed for conversion rate optimisation following best practices and UX design scenarios to help you generate more revenue per visitor and deepen customer satisfaction. Choose from a range of integration options – from a ready to use payment page, to a full menu of APIs – to customise your checkout flow.


Optimal UX design makes paying easy for your customers

Leverage our state-of-the-art hosted payment page with user-friendly design elements including descriptive icons and information boxes, as well as smart interactions like automatic card detection to help your customers successfully complete the checkout process.


Payments adapted for your customers’ needs, however they want to pay

Make your payment page mobile-responsive and offer customers a wide choice of popular payment methods. By offering cross-border payments to customers, in their local languages and local currency, you’ll attract more traffic to your site and boost international sales.

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We’ve powered your payment pages for mobile acceptance

With 30% of transactions taking place on mobile devices (45 % in Belgium), Worldline’s payment pages are mobile-friendly and designed to make data entry easy. Our fully responsive design technology automatically adapts the payment page to your customer’s device screen size for optimal display, whether that’s a desktop, smartphone or tablet.

We continuously add new payment methods, including mobile-first methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay, WeChat Pay and Alipay to meet your customers’ purchasing preferences.

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Single-click payments for a faster checkout

Save your customers’ payment details with tokenisation and link it to their profile for future use or recurring payments. When paying with a card, a returning customer will only have to input their CVV/CVC. All the additional fields are pre-filled with the previously saved data stored on Worldline’s secured servers.

A single-click checkout will make your customer’s payment experience as seamless as possible – increasing customer loyalty and your overall conversion rate. And since you don’t have to handle sensitive customer data, you’ll always remain PCI-compliant.

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Give your customers an intuitive payment experience

Use smart interactions like validating the details that your customer inputs on the payment form through checkmarks and descriptive error messages, or even enabling a progress bar to help your customer know where they are within the payment process.

Worldline detects the brand of the card based on the input of the card number and auto-formats card numbers according to brand specifics, for a better customer experience and an error-proof input.

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We offer a wide choice of local payment methods, currencies and languages

Customers want locally available payment methods at the checkout – if they’re not there, 54% of consumers will abandon their purchase.

With Worldline, localise your payment page by proposing popular local payment methods like iDEAL (Netherlands), Bancontact (Belgium) and Cartes Bancaires (France).

Optimise cross-border payments through payment pages available in 28 languages as well as 149 currencies.

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Personalise your customers’ experience with customised templates

Worldline enables you to create a personalised checkout experience allowing you to customise the payment page default templates through our template builder or create your own template using CSS/HTML files.

Our template engine allows you to save up to 200 templates in your account while facilitating the use of different templates depending on the checkout use case.

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Worldline gives merchants a feature-rich suite of tools and products designed to make integration to a payment platform simple and secure. With a complete and flexible set of SDKs, RESTful APIs, and extensive developer tools, every merchant can meet their ecommerce payments challenge with ease and improve conversion rates.



Plug & Play solution to integrate with the most popular ecommerce platforms.


Redirect customers to a Worldline hosted payment page URL where they will input or confirm their payment details and submit the transaction for processing.


A payment form iFrame you can embed in your payment page, seamlessly blending into your website. It allows you to have a low PCI burden while avoiding redirection.


With Worldline’s client SDKs, you can encrypt payment data within your app and send transactions for processing to us in a secure manner without having to increase your PCI-DSS compliance level.


Integrate with Worldline through server-to-server calls using either clear credit card details, or a token previously saved. Merchants have access to a full range of APIs to build their own solution.

OPnGO – Customer experience comes first

OPnGO allows you to pay for on-street and off-street parking, find a parking space near you or book one in advance. You can enter car parks automatically with no ticket, pay online and receive your invoice directly by e-mail.

Partnering with Worldline, OPnGO offers:

  • Secure and speedy in-app payments
  • One-click payments for parking reservations through tokenization
  • A choice of local payment method preferences
  • Seamless switching between payment methods for maximum convenience

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