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With international credit cards still paving the way for most customers to shop online, merchants and businesses looking to reach out to an international market should supply credit card payments.

Credit Cards
The cardholder receives a credit from the issuer. The balance is rolling and settled on a monthly basis.

Debit Cards
The amount of the purchase is withdrawn from the available balance on the cardholder’s account. If there are not sufficient funds on the account, the transaction is declined by the issuer.

Prepaid credit cards
Cards are loaded with money in advance to create a balance that can be spent.




Domestic cards operate much like international models, but are used in specific countries. Consisting of mostly debit or credit card payments, these cards are often co-branded with VISA or Mastercard for use outside the country borders.

Although co-branded, the domestic branding is often dominant within a country. For example; in Belgium, Bancontact cards are co-branded with Visa or Maestro, but most consumers won’t recognise and will opt for the localised brand.

The best known domestic schemes in Europe are:




Full service payment capabilities

In traditional models, you would sign a contract with each party, do a direct integration with multiple payment methods and – as a consequence – have multiple reporting formats to deal with, multiple payment terms to manage in your accounting cycles and multiple contacts to reach out to when you have a problem.

With Ingenico’s offer, we simplify your life by offering one single solution to accommodate all your needs – and one contact person to help you grow your business.

Ingenico Premium includes the 14 essential payment methods to ensure you offer customers their preferred local payment method. Streamlined, all-in-one integration. You’ll also get instant access to more than 150 alternative payment methods via your gateway integration, e.g. American Express, PayPal, P24, Gift cards.

Ingenico Premium

Ingenico Premium accelerates growth for your business globally


Optimized payment system

Offer a quick, mobile-first payment method with specialist fraud prevention capabilities.


Boosting payment acceptance rates

Our leading team of data scientists monitors our payment services regularly to help you get the most out of Premium.


Enhanced operational efficiency

Premium comes with increased reporting and payouts for multiple payment methods, so you can operate effectively with one simple reporting flow.

Ingenico GO

Accept online payments faster with Ingenico GO


Customize your payment methods

Give your customers the opportunity to pay however they want with Ingenico GO’s variety of payment methods.


Easy, secure integration

Flexible, safe and simple integration options. Just plug and play.


Transparent pricing

Upfront and clear pricing. No hidden costs.

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