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As technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, so do fraudsters, posing new and ever-evolving challenges to fraud prevention managers and merchants.

Nevertheless, for transactions to go through, both online merchants and shoppers should be confident that they are operating in a safe environment and are protected against fraud.

With  Ingenico, a Worldline brand  you can rely on a safe and protected solution.


Why Fraud Prevention - advantages


Our industry-leading fraud detection tools and experts bring over 20 years of industry and regional expertise, and we will work closely with you to develop, implement and manage a holistic fraud solution that includes prevention, detection and management.

Customized solution

We offer a complete suite of flexible products, sophisticated technologies and dedicated expertise to help you manage and optimize your online fraud prevention practices. You can pick the solutions that best fit your needs and customize our services to either outsource fraud management functionalities or keep them in-house with our ongoing support.

Real-time feedback

We work with you to create an extensive set of rules and scoring tools which provide real-time feedback from our sophisticated fraud detection technologies, combined with support from our fraud experts.

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Chargeback Management

Reduce chargebacks with our specialized tools and consultative approach.

Our Data Analytics Tool, Elevate, includes 5 comprehensive chargeback dashboards that enable users to see:

  • How many chargebacks you had for a certain period
  • What the chargeback reasons were
  • How long it took before the chargeback took place
  • What the chargeback rate is
  • Compare your chargeback rate against your peers in your vertical (benchmarking)
  • All of this data can also be analyzed per country / region, payment product, currency, account (CID) and BIN range.

Learn more about chargeback management.

Using your big data

Our business data analytics tool Elevate helps you understand which chargebacks to challenge, and which chargebacks to accept, to make your dispute process as effective as possible.

And with our dedicated fraud experts, you can leverage the insights from your business to create the optimal balance between fraud protection and sales conversion, ultimately improving your bottom line.

Dispute Management

Suspect transactions take time to review.

Delegate your manual review to our experts and you can reallocate precious resources to core business activity instead. We have a team dedicated to managing and helping merchants dispute their chargebacks and win a significant portion of them.

Wide Range of Managed Fraud Services

Our Managed Fraud tools have a wide-range of capabilities.

With our advanced tools, global coverage and local expertise, you’ll be able to reduce fraud, maximize approvals, minimize chargebacks and reduce operational cost, while ensuring your customers a smooth online shopping experience.

 We make it tough on fraudsters and safe for you  


Wide Range of Managed Fraud Services - Examples

Device Fingerprinting

Real-Time Behavioral Mapping

IP Geolocation Tracking

Industry and Sector-Specific Risk Profiles and Rules

Cross-Parameter Checks

Cross-Merchant Intelligence

Merchant-Controlled Rules

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