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Airspace Indoor Skydiving

Free-fall simulators conquered the United States years ago, while in Europe there are just a few. That is what drove Jonas van Wesel and Eddy Vande Vonder to create Airspace Indoor Skydiving by building the largest free-fall simulator in Europe.
This successful bet made Airspace a worldwide reference for both beginners and Proflyers. With a height of 17 meters it is also the highest wind tunnel in Europe. In its quest for growth, Airspace needed to offer the right payment methods, not miss a single sale and reduce transaction costs. A reliable and efficient payment partner was needed.

Eddy Vande Vonder, CEO Airspace Indoor Skydiving

I needed assistance and received good advice. When you call the support service, you are always able to talk to someone. Their experts took the time to answer my questions, so I’m satisfied with the service overall.

3 essential requirements for Airspace

An all-in-one and simple payment solution With reconciled reporting and payouts for multiple payment methods. Operate effectively with a single reporting flow.

Expert support team Payment gurus provide advice on the ideal payment set-up to create the best experience for customers.

Safe & secure Guaranteed security thanks to a flexible solution able to respond to all sorts of security issues. With insights into fraud data, to make better, smarter decisions and reduce fraudulent activity.

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